Vibratory Plating Method of Electroplating

Klein Plating Works (KPW) offers the vibratory plating method of electroplating. The process is used when parts are very delicate and may bend or disfigure during the tumbling of the barrel plating method. This procedure operates using a basket with metal button contacts and a vibration generator. While the parts are immersed in the plating solution, the vibrations that are generated cause the parts to move delicately around while making contact with the metal buttons located on the bottom of the basket. This particular method of electroplating has excellent throwing power and can quickly yield highly uniform plating.

Klein Plating Works uses the vibratory plating method for:

Klein Plating Works has the electroplating facilities and expertise to handle very delicate parts that may require vibratory plating. However, due to specialized equipment and its restricted applications, the vibratory plating method can be costly. Another downside to vibratory plating is that parts still need to be pre-treated and dried separately which may cause part bending. KPW recommends allowing us to demonstrate a few other quality electroplating methods before settling with vibratory plating.