Metal Buffing and Metal Polishing Services from Klein Plating Works

Metal polishing is typically the first step that removes topical imperfections and develops a smooth metal surface. It removes much more base metal than the buffing process. Metal buffing is similar to polishing but uses different wheels and compounds to achieve different metal finishes. Metal buffing removes much less material and can create a highly reflective surface. Metal buffing and polishing must be done by highly trained industrial platers and can be very labor intensive so it can be a costly operation.

A few things to remember in regards to metal polishing and buffing services:

  • Polishing removes material to help smooth the surface.
  • Polishing can help reduce/eliminate surface imperfections.
  • Buffing can create multiple metal finishes ranging from satin to mirror bright.
  • Part design can limit the effectiveness or ability of polishing.
  • Some material may be too pitted or etched to completely remove the defects.

Metal polishing and metal buffing are both equally abrading operations that are used to remove metal surface imperfections in an effort to smooth the surface and impart luster. Typically a high-speed lathe coupled with a wide variety of wheels and compounds are used in the metal polishing and buffing processes. Choosing the right wheel, speed, and compound is important to achieve the desired metal finish and is based on the material and its condition. Contact KPW to learn more about our metal buffing and polishing services.