Metal Stripping Services and Metallic Coating Removal from Klein Plating Works

Sometimes stripping metallic coatings needs to be done for various reasons including:

  • Defective metal plating
  • Conversion to a different part by applying a different metallic coating
  • Worn out or disuniform metal plating
  • Part defects that requires metal stripping of the deposit to facilitate additional processing

Whatever the reason, Klein Plating has the ability to remove the deposit successfully with little to no effect on the base metal. Please keep in mind that the metal stripping process is delicate and requires extra time and handling. It is not a process that should ever be rushed as parts can be ruined very easily. Even with the best of care and optimal metal stripping processes, parts can still become etched during the metal stripping process.

After all, the chemicals used must be strong enough for coating removal yet be properly balanced so as to not aggressively attack the base metal. You can rest assured knowing that the experienced electroplating team at Klein Plating utilizes the utmost care and numerous appropriate chemistries to alleviate the inherent problems associated with stripping metallic coatings. Contact us for additional information about our metal stripping process and services.