Rack Plating Method of Electroplating

Klein Plating Works (KPW) offers the rack plating method of electroplating. The rack plating method is a process used for large, complex, or fragile parts and is excellent for producing selective deposits. During the rack plating method, parts are hung on a "rack" that is then submersed in the plating solution. Metal hooks or bands are used to hold the parts in place as well as provide the necessary electrical contact. Because it is labor intensive, rack plating usually costs more than the barrel plating method.

Klein Plating Works uses the rack plating method for:

KPW uses manual plating lines which are designed for small lots and prototypes up to 50 lbs. We also use PLC controlled automatic rack lines which are capable of large production runs and weights up to 250 lbs.

When using the rack plating method of electroplating, please keep in mind that the rack may produce an area that is discolored or bare where the part was hung. This is commonly referred to as a “rack mark” and should be taken into consideration when engineering the part. It is also very difficult to achieve uniform rack plating using this method of electroplating due to the varying degrees of current densities across the surface of the rack. High degrees of uniformity require the use of auxiliary anodes or robbers which increases the complexity of the rack plating as well as the cost.