Industrial Platers and Professional Metal Finishing Staff

Klein Plating Works has a strong team of management, customer service, electroplating specialists and technicians. As a leader in the metal finishing industry since 1915, our team is dedicated to our customer's success by providing quality electroplated products and surface finishes - competitively priced - on a timely basis. Get to know the team that you'll be working with!








Thank you to all KPW employees.  We appreciate you!

Tom Dudenhoeffer

Sales Manager
814-452-3793 ext. 228

Scott Cooper

Quality Manager
814-452-3793 ext. 240

John Fuller

Production Manager
814-452-3793 ext. 247

Zach McQuaid

Resource Manager
814-452-3793 ext. 225

Sheila Kern

Personnel Director
814-452-3793 ext. 221

Elizabeth Rula-Monnie

Lab Supervisor
8144523793 Ext. 238

Sandy Zewe

Quality Supervisor
814-452-3793 ext. 246

Jennifer Davis

Shipping Supervisor
814-452-3793 ext. 242

Amanda Wander

Customer Service
814-452-3793 ext. 230

Jennifer Hinkler

Sales Assistant
814-452-3793 ext. 222

Micheline Barton

Billing Specialist
8144523793 Ext. 249

Britnee Long

Sales and Customer Service Assistant

Doug Martinez

3rd Shift Supervisor

Brandon Hodapp

Aluminum Line Supervisor