Light Degreasing and Metal Cleaning Services from Klein Plating Works

Some metal parts only require metal cleaning services which removes dirt, smut, oils and lubricants, grease, compounds, shavings, and other surface contaminates. The type of material contaminates to remove, and the degree of cleanliness required all determine which metal cleaning services and processes are used. Metal cleaning processes are typically heated and can be alkaline or acidic in nature. Rinsing is a critical factor in metal part cleanliness and cannot be overlooked. Proper rinsing ensures the removal of all chemistries and leaves a clean residue-free surface.

Klein Plating can accommodate your critical metal cleaning needs in a number of ways including:

  • Alkaline Soak Cleaning
  • Alkaline Electro-Cleaning, both direct and reverse current applications
  • Acid Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing

All of Klein Plating’s cleaners are heated to optimum temperatures and maintained at those temperatures by using calibrated digital controls. Metal cleaning baths are monitored, replenished, and maintained on a constant schedule by KPW’s in-house lab. Rinses are kept clean and flowing. High quality deionized water is used for final rinsing and is monitored by conductivity meters to ensure ideal water quality. Contact us to learn more about our metal degreasing and cleaning services.