Gold Plating Services

Klein Plating Works (KPW) provides high-quality gold plating services for the best gold corrosion protection. Our gold plating services are in compliance with ASTM, AMS, MIL, and any custom specifications. We perform different pre and post gold plating processes to be sure that parts are free from dirt and other surface contaminants. After parts have gone through our gold plating process, they are inspected and tested for coating thickness, corrosion protection and resistance, and other elements.

Gold is a yellow precious metal deposit with excellent physical properties that is used primarily in the electronics, aerospace, and decorative industries. Gold is the third best conductor of electricity (behind silver and copper) and is the greatest in corrosion protection. Pure gold (99.9% pure) is used for bonding purposes and cannot contain any brightening agents.

The benefits of gold plating include:

  • Excellent Electrical Conductivity
  • Exceptional Corrosion Protection
  • Good Heat Conductivity
  • Tremendously Ductile
  • Excellent Solderability
  • Decorative Appearance
  • Very Valuable

KPW hard gold (99.0% pure) is gold that is co-deposited with a small amount of cobalt that greatly improves wear resistance. When soldering components, the gold dissolves in the solder allowing a bond to form between the solder and the substrate. When requesting gold plating services from Klein Plating Works (KPW), we advise keeping gold thickness to a minimum in areas that are to be soldered. Our specialized electroplating team will work with you to determine the best gold thickness for your needs.

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Grades & Types of Gold Plating KPW Offers

  • Type I: 99.7% gold minimum (Grades A & C)
  • Type II: 99.0% gold minimum (Grades A & C)
  • Type III: 99.9% gold minimum (Grade A only)
  • Grade A: Maximum of 90 Knoop Hardness
  • Grade C: 130-200 Knoop Hardenss

Gold Plating Specifications

  • MIL-G-45204
  • AMS 2422
  • ASTM B 488
  • Custom Specifications

Gold Plating Methods

Properties of Gold

Latin Name: Aurum - "Shining Dawn"
Chemical Symbol: Au
Atomic Number: 79
Atomic Weight: 197.2
Elemental Category: Transition Metal
Melting Point: 1064.18 °C
1947.52 °F
Density: 19.32 g/cmᶟ
Valence: 1 - Aurus
3 - Auric
Appearance: Slightly Reddish - Yellow
Dull to Lusterous