Reel-to-Reel Plating Method of Electroplating

Klein Plating Works (KPW) offers the reel-to-reel plating method of electroplating. The reel-to-reel plating method is an efficient and economical process which allows for select deposits of metal. This reel-to-reel plating process can plate strips of manufactured products or reels of raw material before they are stamped into parts.

This starts by loading the reels onto a de-reeling station. Then by using a capstan system, the product is fed through various electroplating processes. At the end of the line is a take-up system which re-spools the material once the appropriate metal finish is achieved. Multiple reels can run with the use of an accumulator which facilitates a smooth transition between them.

Klein Plating Works uses the reel-to-reel plating method for:

KPW offers the "plate all over" reel-to-reel method for copper, nickel, gold, tin, and solder. We offer the selective strip and controlled depth reel-to-reel plating methods for gold, tin, and solder. Klein Plating has invested heavily in its reel-to-reel plating processes to ensure high quality, on-time, and economical electroplating. We employ highly trained plating operators who specialize in the reel-to-reel plating method of electroplating to ensure your most stringent requirements are met. Our capabilities range from small one-reel jobs to large production runs for flat stock, continuous stampings, and bandoliered parts. Reel size is limited to 500 lb. capacity and coil stock/part length to 3" width.