Ultrasonic Metal Parts Cleaning Services from Klein Plating Works

Ultrasonic metal parts cleaning is especially useful when there is a need for critical cleaning on parts with complex shapes. The ultrasonic cleaning action occurs anywhere the metal parts are wetted making it easier to effectively clean difficult parts when compared to other forms of metal cleaning. Ultrasonic metal parts cleaning services have the ability to clean hidden recesses, blind holes, crevices, and other hard to reach areas. Ultrasonic cleaning services are also useful in removing tenacious soils, heat scales, and oxides to create a completely clean surface.

A few benefits of using Klein Plating for ultrasonic cleaning services:

  • KPW operates eight separate ultrasonic cleaning stations.
  • We have the ability to critically clean a wide range of parts from small delicate interconnects to large complex castings.
  • KPW offers the option of ultrasonics rinsing to ensure solutions are properly flushed from holes and crevices.
  • Parts must be made of metal or non-sound-absorbent material.

Ultrasonic metal cleaning is a special form of mechanical parts cleaning that works by introducing high-frequency sound waves into a chemical cleaning solution kept at a certain temperature. High and low sound waves travel throughout the solution and create what is known as cavitation. Cavitation is the process where low waves create microscopic vacuum bubbles that are then imploded violently when the next high wave passes by. The collapse of the bubbles on the surface of the part creates a tremendous amount of energy that scrubs the part clean. Contact us to learn more about ultrasonic cleaning.