Electroplating Quality Policies & Accreditations

Klein Plating Works' Mission

KPW MissionKlein Plating Works is dedicated to our customer's success by providing quality electroplated products and surface finishes - competitively priced - on a timely basis. 



Quality Policy

Quality PolicyWe will conform to the requirements mutually agreed upon with our customers. We will strive for zero defects in all that we do and will eliminate internal problems that cause non-conformance. We will involve all employees through education in the quality system.





Environmental Quality Policy

Klein Plating Works, Inc. (KPW) strives to provide the best quality plating at the lowest reasonable price but not at the expensive of our environment. Many of our employees are avid outdoors people who enjoy nature and its beauty. We take great pride in knowing our all of our waste streams are recycled. Nothing that is generated from our processes is landfilled.

Environmental Quality PolicyKPW is committed to protecting the environment. We will protect the environment through the following three principles:

  1. Prevention of Pollution: A commitment to preventing the generation of
    pollution in our sphere of influence through process step reduction, process
    segregation, and material substitutions.

  2. Compliance: A commitment to attempting to comply with all environmental
    laws and regulations that are relevant to KPW.

  3. Continual Improvement: A commitment to continuously improving our
    EMS, our compliance record, and our prevention of pollution in all areas of
    our business.

We will assure that these three principles - Prevention of Pollution, Compliance, and Continual Improvement - are implemented throughout KPW through our commitment to our Environmental Management System.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedFor more than 100 years, Klein Plating Works, Inc. has specialized in the precision plating of electronic and mechanical components. Throughout these years, quality has been its cornerstone. Quality not just in the metal finishes we provide, but in the way we treat our customers and cater to their needs.

KPW has used other quality systems in the past when they served our customers’ and our own needs the best. However, as our customers' requirements grew so did our desire to guarantee quality products and service through first-class workmanship. We researched new quality programs that would seek to continually improve our processes and our quality system. We found the ISO standards to be a perfect fit for our goals. It is a system that pushes us to constantly improve upon an already excellent establishment.

On June 13, 1998 Klein Plating Works, Inc was registered to ISO 9002:1994. Our journey constantly continues as we relentlessly strive to improve our process controls, quality policies and customer satisfaction.

In December of 2009, KPW once again upgraded its quality system to the current ISO 9001:2015 registration. We know that in order to grow a company needs to continually make progress in all aspects of its business. We feel our policies push us to do so which makes us more efficient, more reliable, and better prepared to handle the challenges of the future. Klein Plating takes pride in being a superior metal finishing company that backs its services up with a quality system second to none.

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