Electroplating Quality Assurance at Klein Plating Works

Klein Plating Works applies the latest technology for the treatment, testing, and analysis to its customer’s parts. The quality of the final finish can have a major impact on the success of a part. In knowing this, KPW takes great lengths to test and review the finished product making sure the coating meets and/or exceeds its requirements. Every job processed is inspected and certified with accompanying thickness readings.

KPW’s skilled Quality Assurance inspectors test and examine each plating lot in accordance to the appropriate military, ASTM, government, or customer specific requirements. Some of the state-of-the-art technology used by KPW’s highly trained Quality Inspectors includes:

Electroplating Quality Assurance - Klein Plating Works

  • X-Ray Fluorescence for measurement of plating thickness, coating composition and substrate analysis
    • Two bench-top units
    • One hand-held portable unit enabling process accuracy during production
  • Beta-Backscatter for plating thickness evaluation
  • Four digitally controlled ovens and one bench top furnace for the purpose of:
    • Adhesion testing to specification requirements
    • Stress relief treatment
    • Embrittlement relief treatment
    • Adhesion enhancement to specification requirements
    • Thermal aging
  • Solderability testing
  • Gage Testing using a variety of in-house or customer supplied thread and plug gages
  • Microscopic inspection up to 80x magnification of the finished surface
  • Adhesion testing per requirements including tape, bend, crush, and other destructive test methods
  • Failure analysis using scanning electron microscope (SEM) through the partnership of KPW’s longstanding vendor

All of the inspection and test equipment employed at KPW is calibrated, documented, and certified by approved outside sources utilizing equipment and standards that are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Contact us for additional information about our quality assurance.