Select Plating Method of Electroplating

Select plating is a term typically used to describe the process of depositing metal only on certain areas of a part.  Some parts require plating in certain functional locations and the rest can remain bare metal.  Other times, a part may require select plating because it is designed with varying functional zones, each with different plating requirements and/or thicknesses.

Select plating can sometimes offer substantial savings in precious metal cost when compared to needlessly plating non-functional surface areas.  However, the process can sometimes be time consuming and labor intensive.  In some instances, the savings can be negated and overall cost increased due to the degree of complexity associated with achieving the select finish. 

Klein Plating uses a variety of methods to selectively plate parts that includes:

  • Masking with plater's tape
  • Masking with lacquer
  • Controlled depth
  • Select removal of plated deposit
  • Custom fixtures and gaskets

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