Quality Bright Dipping Metal Treatment Services from Klein Plating Works

Bright dipping is a special metal processing treatment that typically uses a combination of very strong acids to etch the surface of the metal and remove heavy scales or deposits. The acids used and their concentrations will vary based on the material and scales/oxides being treated. Bright dipping process times are based on the degree of scale and fluctuate from as little as a few seconds to 5 minutes.

A few reasons to use bright dipping metal treatment services include:

  • Used to remove heavy scales and oxides from metal surfaces
  • Can impart a wide range of appearances from matte, bright, and lustrous depending on the metal and electroplating process used.
  • In certain circumstances, it can be used to remove metal to get parts into tolerance.
  • Can help remove burrs and other surface defects in the base metal

A few problems can occur during the bright dipping metal treatment process including over-etching the base material due to uneven scale or preferential attack of one of the alloying materials in an alloy such as the zinc in brass. Bright dipping is not part of the typical electroplating process and is usually done “off line” by a skilled operator who knows how to manipulate the material. Bright dipping is not usually included in the quoted electroplating price so a separate charge based on time and material is billed for the work. Contact us for additional information about our bright dipping services.