Post-Metal Treatment Services from Klein Plating Works

Post metal treatments are chemicals used after the final metal plating step and are designed to enhance the properties of the electrodeposit. Post metal treatments can help improve solderability, increase durability, protect against tarnish and corrosion, improve water shedding, and act as a sacrificial barrier.

Some of the post metal treatment services available at Klein Plating include:

  • Anti-tarnish treatments for silver plating and copper plating
  • Corrosion protection for thin gold deposits
  • Oxidation and discoloration protection of tin and nickel
  • Wax treatments

The post metal treatments Klein Plating offers have little to no impact on solderability and electrical resistance while remaining environmentally friendly. We do not utilize any form of chromate in our post metal treatment services and have numerous environmentally conscious alternatives that achieve the same or greater effects. Please contact us to discuss any requirements or questions you may have regarding the benefits that post metal treatment services can provide.