Quality Metal Parts Packaging at Klein Plating Works

Klein Plating Works knows the importance of metal parts packaging when it comes to transportation and storage. The wrong metal parts packaging techniques could cause nicks, scratches, or physical damage to the parts themselves. KPW listens to its customers’ needs and develops appropriate parts packaging methods for every part we provide metal plating services for.

Some of KPW’s metal parts packaging options include:

  • Maximum load/weight sizes for packages
  • Individual piece packaging
  • Sulfur free materials
  • Desiccant bags to help eliminate moisture
  • Silver Saver paper
  • Part segregation or dividers
  • Bagging of individual parts or lots
  • Bubble wrap and foam protection
  • Bulk packaging in containers or bins
  • Rattle and flat pack

Please be aware that under normal circumstances, parts will be packaged and returned in the same manner in which they are sent to us. With advanced notification, we are more than willing to package your parts in the best manner possible to protect them. Some forms of packaging such as individual bagging or individual piece trays can be labor intensive and must be discussed and known during the quotation process. Additional requirements like this may cause the parts to be re-quoted to cover the added expenses incurred. Contact us if you have additional questions about our packaging process.