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Klein Plating Works has a strong team of management, customer service, electroplating specialists and technicians. As a leader in the metal finishing industry since 1915, our team is dedicated to our customer's success by providing quality electroplated products and surface finishes - competitively priced - on a timely basis. Get to know the team that you'll be working with!


October Anniversaries

Dennis Hultburg -  28 years

Jennifer Kuna -  4 years

Stephen Young - 1 year






Thank you to all KPW employees.  We appreciate you!

Dennis  Hultberg

Dennis Hultberg

Production Manager

Hi, My name is Dennis Hultberg and I have been employed by KPW since the days of cassette tapes and long before the smart phone. 1991 to be exact. I started off here masking aluminum, then graduating to plating aluminum, and eventually supervising the aluminum plating line. I must have done something right because that led to my current position of managing all production. When I am not here I am involved in music and sound production. I have been the bass player for the 3 time Erie's favorite band, The Geek Army, for the past 12 years.